It’s loud out there...

So many ads... opinions... feels like everyone’s selling something.

It‘s gotten so rotten we can’t even decide which movie to watch..

And it’s not like we don’t get good recommendations, we do. Some of the best movies and shows we’ve seen have been recommended to us by friends. And there‘s definitely no shortage of stuff to watch.

So many streamers... and Plus channels...

Of course, we do try to write down any recommendations we get. We just have to look them up later on IMDb and watch some trailers on YouTube and look at a few ratings and read some unbiased reviews, and all that’s just to figure out if we might like it or not. And that’s before we know if we can even watch it anywhere.

When we forget to write them down - we do consider texting our friend to ask for the name of that amazing new show we HAVE TO check out. But it’s usually late, and we’re polite people, so instead we just scroll through Netflix for an hour hoping to find something else we might like. And by then it’s too late to even get through a whole movie, so we just rewatch an episode of The Office.

We‘ve all been there. We all want that time back. And although we can’t change the past, we can save the future.

Hello, Wotson...

Wotson is here to help you find more movies and shows you like. Wotson doesn’t have a doctorate degree in cinematic arts or a fancy algorithm. Wotson is a place where friends post movie and tv recommendations.

The more people you follow, the more recommendations you see.

The more you react, the more you have matching reactions with people.

Wotson is your fMDB, your friends movie database, equipped with all the tools we need to choose a movie and enjoy the show. Thanks to the generous support of our partners, Wotson is available 100% ad-free everywhere in the world.

Stay more in touch with friends. Choose from the best movies. Save time. Watch more.


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